Our letterhead is visually complete when it displays a typewritten letter. The format of the message and the quality of the content have a major impact on the complete letterhead.

This is the recommended letter format to complement the design of this letterhead. The letter is typed in a left-aligned, right-block format and 16 pt leading between the text lines. The typeface used is Utopia regular and is set at 10 points. Left margin should be adjusted and should not exceed the width of this facsimile letter. In any typed correspondence, great care should be taken to ensure that our seal and our logo are never obstructed in any way. A specific column has been set aside for the seal which provides it with a presence that ensures that our company’s image is consistent, clear and direct.

We provide Letter size templates for use in the US and A4 for Armenia and Europe.

Please use AUA official letterheads in accordance with descriptions below.


Armenian A4 English A4 English Letter Size
Font:  Download Maral font here Font: Download Utopia font here Font: Download Utopia font here




A4 size

A5 size

A6 size