Our Team

Narek Ghazaryan
Chief Communications Officer (CCO)
[email protected]
+374 60 61 2513
Narek believes in the power of storytelling. His areas of expertise lie in marketing and branding, grounded in an approach based on building experiences. His eclectic international background allows him to bridge different stories into a cohesive narrative. He deeply believes in social entrepreneurship and is passionate about working with initiatives that spearhead important changes in our society. He considers himself a conscious citizen who dedicates his time to making a positive impact in whichever projects he is involved.

Fun Fact: Narek climbed Mount Ararat in 2019.

Serena Hajjar
Senior Communications Specialist/Creative Writer
+374 60 61 2557
Serena is passionate about writing and sharing real-life stories. She enjoys the process of refining a piece of writing and crafting an engaging and honest story. Outside of work, she looks for opportunities to go to the marzes of Armenia, explore, and integrate herself into the local culture.

Fun Fact: Serena is an avid dancer.

Nazeni Hovakimyan
Senior Communications Specialist | Editorial
[email protected]
+374 60 61 2556
Nazeni is passionate about literature, writing, and translation. With an MA degree in English/American Literature and work experience in higher education institutions, she can’t imagine her life without books, research, and the academic environment. She enjoys interviewing people and capturing their unique stories through her writing to inspire others. Given her international experience, studying and living four years abroad, Nazeni is open to a diversity of backgrounds and opinions and tackles new challenges with enthusiasm. 

Fun Fact: Nazeni used to sing in her university’s choir, performing at various concerts and cultural events.

Armen Hakopian
Multimedia Specialist
[email protected]
+374 60 61 2543
The passion for photography followed Armen from his teenage years, when he had a chance to visit Hayfilm. This experience later inspired him to pursue his filmography and director of photography master’s degree at Yerevan State Institute of Theater and Cinematography. His passion for traveling and working also brought him to Argentina and Lebanon, where he worked with KOHAR. His various experiences have made Armen a skillful and talented photographer, who has a good eye for detail and is curious for new discoveries.

Fun fact: Armen’s favorite activity is riding his motorcycle.

Marina Babayan
Communications Manager | Development
[email protected]
+374 60 61 2533
Passionate about journalism and creative writing, Marina has been exploring and trying herself in various fields of media and storytelling. With a background in arts and communications, she aims to have a positive impact on people’s lives through a creative approach to her work. Aside from professional development, Marina enjoys writing short stories, playing the guitar and traveling.

Fun Fact: Before college Marina firmly wanted to pursue acting.    

Greta Sargsyan
Administrative Assistant
[email protected]
+374 60 61 2558
Greta started her career with jobs in finances, customer care, teaching, and team supervision. Eventually, the valuable skills and expertise she gained led her to her current position. With an academic background in English and communications, she is full of enthusiasm and motivation to advance in this field. She believes that, no matter what, we always need to strive for more and mold the best version of ourselves. Her biggest dream is to live in a fair and just world.

Fun Fact: Greta is rather serious, but she can be extremely hilarious at times.

Elen Pahlevanyan
Administrative Assistant
[email protected]
+374 60 61 2555
As a recent graduate of AUA’s English and Communications department, Elen is passionate about human communications and international affairs, which she considers the foreground for a developed country and society. With skills in public speaking, negotiations, and discourse analysis, Elen believes in the power of words: even a single word can change our perceptions, impact our behavior and, consequently, shape our world. Her experience with discourse analysis has helped her develop critical thinking skills, precision, and the ability to find meaning within meaningless lines.

Fun fact: Her favorite subject in school was Armenian history.


Boris Vardanyan
Multimedia Specialist
[email protected]
+374 60 61 2543
A passion for finding out what lies behind screens has inspired Boris to try his skills in the fields of filmography and photography. His education at the Academy of Television and Radio and relevant job experience with media podcasters like Shant TV and Public Television have transformed Boris into a skillful and talented professional in his field. Outside of his work at AUA, Boris is also a trainer at local sports clubs.

Fun Fact: From a young age, Boris dreamed of becoming an Air Force pilot.

Lori Ishilian
Senior Communications Specialist | PR & Marketing
[email protected]
+374 60 61 2557
Lori, a Lebanese-born Armenian, is a creative force with a story waiting to be told. Finding inspiration every day, Lori uses her artistic vision to transform the little things into fascinating narratives. Her adventurous spirit led her to embrace a new chapter in Armenia, and now she thrives in the dynamic world of marketing.

Fun fact: Lori has danced ballet for 13 years!

Ovsanna (Osan) Markarian
Senior Graphic Designer
[email protected]
+374 60 61 2534
Initially drawn to history, Osan discovered a deeper calling in the realm of creativity, finding a new avenue for self-expression. Six years ago, fueled by a passion for her Armenian heritage, she made a life-altering decision to relocate to the country from the U.S. Committed to making a positive impact, Osan channels her design skills into projects that leave a lasting mark, enriching both the creative landscape and the Armenian community.

Fun Fact: Osan took diving lessons as a child.