Photo/Video Request Form

The AUA Office of Communications is happy to help record your events through photos and video.

In some cases when we are unable to meet your needs, we will recommend an outsourced photographer or videographer (Note: All costs will be charged to the budget of the organizing party).
  • Please briefly describe the purpose of the photography and/or video.
  • Please describe what objectives you would like to achieve with the photos and/or video (e.g. event publicity, stock photos/b-roll, promotion activities).
  • When is this for? If not for an event, please indicate the most convenient date.
  • The time from which you need the photographer/videographer to be present.
  • The time at which you will no longer need the photographer/videographer.
  • Please specify where exactly the photography/videography will be taking place.
  • When would you like to have the final product(s)?
  • Contact Information

  • Please indicate your college, school, department or research center.

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